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AC, Heat Pump & Furnace Maintenance Plans in Reston, VA

Heating and cooling equipment manufacturers engineer their products for exceptional performance through many years of dependable service. However, complex machines with many moving parts are subject to stress and wear, especially when the outdoor weather is severe. Regardless of age, your HVAC equipment needs regular maintenance to operate efficiently and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Our Maintenance Services

Basic Plan ( Plan A).

Designed to help a homeowner or landlord make sure the home’s HVAC system is being properly cared for and minimize the chance of unexpected repairs.

  • Priority Scheduling over non Service Agreement customers
  • Discounted pricing on service and repairs
  • Discounts on new equipment
  • Two scheduled maintenance visits per year (one Spring, one Fall)

Work performed on our Spring visit:

  • Check refrigerant levels and proper pressures
  • Inspect and clean condenser coil
  • Inspect evaporator coil
  • Check air filter and replace if you have one available
  • Inspect and test condenser fan motor, compressor and contactor
  • Check voltage and amperage draw of the unit
  • Flush and check condensate drain

Work performed on our Fall visit:

  • Clean and adjust gas burners
  • Inspect furnace heat exchanger
  • Inspect and check wiring connections
  • Check air filters and replace if you have one available
  • Check and adjust gas pressure for proper combustion
  • Inspect and check ignitor or pilot light
  • Inspect blower and blower compartment
  • Check refrigerant levels on a heat pump system

Premium Plan (Plan B)

Designed to help eliminate unexpected repair charges that may occur during the normal lifespan of a home’s HVAC equipment.

  • Everything included in Plan A plus most Parts and Labor coverage (Exclusions for Plan B: Refrigerant coils, compressors, reversing valves and heat exchangers are not covered if they are over 10 years of age or out of the manufacturer’s part warranty. Motorized damper systems are not included in this agreement. Acts of nature, unauthorized repairs or modifications, discontinued or unavailable parts and operating costs are not covered by this agreement.)

Humidifier Coverage: (in addition to either plan)

  • Clean, check and adjust for proper operation
  • Replace pad on evaporative humidifier or canister on steam humidifiers

Water Heater Maintenance

Maintenance of your water heater will help maintain performance and life span of the water heater. Our maintenance visit includes:

  • Flushing 5 gallons of water from bottom of heater will help remove sediment. *
  • On gas water heaters, gas burners will be cleaned and flue inspected to ensure proper draft.
  • Electric water heaters will have element checked.
  • Water pressure will be checked and discharge temperature of water adjusted, if needed.

*If your water heater is over 5 years old and there is no proof of prior flushing or if the water heater has a plastic drain valve, flushing will not be possible. Plastic drain valves do not re-seal and large deposits of sediment (from lack of flushing) will prevent the valve from closing properly and will cause consistent leaking.

To read more about water heaters, click here. To schedule an appointment for maintenance of your existing water heater or for a new installation, call us at (703) 777-9211.

All service (except emergency NO HEAT), including Spring and Fall maintenance visits will be performed during normal business hours (Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm, except holidays). Service plans will automatically renew unless canceled by either party. Maintenance visits are considered “Use it or lose it”, and must be performed in Spring or Fall time frame.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a critical element in optimizing efficiency and maximizing the life of the equipment. It is also a vital component in an effective indoor air quality strategy. On a periodic basis, our NATE certified and factory trained technicians visit your home or office and provide a variety of important HVAC maintenance services.

Routine HVAC maintenance can help improve indoor comfort, lower energy costs, and extend the life of the equipment. For customers in: Ashburn, VA; Bethesda, MD; Chantilly, VA; Fairfax, VA; Germantown, MD; Leesburg, VA; Potomac, MD; Reston, VA; Rockville, MD; and South Riding, VA; Mannix Heating and Cooling is the best choice in HVAC maintenance, installation, service, and repair.