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For decades, ductless air conditioning, often called split-zone air conditioning, has been the most popular air conditioning technology worldwide. Over the years, its popularity has rapidly increased in the United States because it delivers year-round comfort. As a Mitsubishi Electric contractor and Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, our ductless HVAC systems can handle the temperature extremes residents experience throughout Chantilly, Leesburg, Sterling, VA & Gaithersburg, MD.

Trusted Ductless HVAC Systems & Installations

Our ductless heating and air conditioning systems have three central units: an outdoor unit, indoor unit, and a remote controller. As the name implies, ductless systems require no ductwork. Installation is straightforward and consists of mounting the outdoor and indoor units and connecting them via refrigerant and electrical lines. A separate controller regulates each zone. The lack of ductwork and the capability for zoned temperature control make ductless heating and cooling systems ideal for a number of applications:

  • Rooms that are unevenly heated or cooled
  • Aging homes that have no ductwork
  • Enclosed porches
  • Home offices
  • Notable homes that want to retain their historic integrity
  • Tight spaces such as attics or crawlspaces

Reliable, Energy Efficient Carrier Ductless HVAC Systems
Chantilly, Leesburg, Sterling, VA & Gaithersburg, MD

Carrier ductless systems are incredibly energy efficient, lightweight, quiet, and easy to install and maintain. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we are proud of the award-winning ductless products we’re able to offer. You’ll enjoy such benefits as a multi-speed fan and wireless remote, so you can easily switch from heating to cooling or quickly raise and lower room temperatures. With modern inverter technology, you can automatically adjust capacity according to indoor requirements, conserving energy and allowing for tighter temperature control.

Mannix Heating & Cooling provides quick, accurate installations of all Carrier ductless HVAC systems, ensuring your unit is sized and located for optimum performance. With a wide range of SEER and HSPF ratings to choose from, you can save money on energy bills and enjoy comfort during any season. Our knowledgeable and skilled technicians are on call 24/7 to answer any emergency repair or maintenance needs you might face.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems from Mitsubishi Electric

With more than 50 years of experience, Mitsubishi Electric takes quality and performance to a new level when it involves ensuring your complete comfort. Rigorous testing, rugged construction, and a high standard of excellence result in the qualities you want in your heating and cooling equipment:

  • Superior performance — Products are durable, ultra-quiet and provide even temperature distribution.
  • Economic — Ductless air conditioners and heat pumps have high SEER and HSPF ratings.
  • Maximum comfort — Products are equipped with an anti-allergen and odor filter and offer total control over the temperature in your indoor environment.

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating leads the way in producing ecologically sound products. With our Mitsubishi Electric ductless heating and air conditioning systems, you do not have to choose between comfort and environmental responsibility. Ductless air conditioning and heating delivers maximum comfort with minimal consumption of resources.

  • Recyclable components. Eighty-three percent of the parts used in Mitsubishi Electric ductless units are recyclable.
  • Inverter technology. Conventional systems run at a constant speed; inverter technology is a self-adjusting technology that saves on power and energy. Inverters receive a steady stream of information from sensors that monitor room conditions. As this information is received, the compressor adjusts its speed to supply only the amount of power needed, thus reducing excessive consumption of electricity.
  • R410A refrigerant. R410A refrigerant contains no chlorine, which means it causes zero depletion of the ozone. In addition, its greater efficiency results in more compact indoor and outdoor units.

We are pleased to be a Mitsubishi Electric contractor and Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer because Mitsubishi and Carrier’s heating and cooling products deliver ultimate indoor comfort and are unsurpassed in quality and performance. Residents in Loudoun, Montgomery & Fairfax Counties, cannot go wrong when choosing Mannix Heating & Cooling for the installation of our ductless heating and air conditioning systems.

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